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Germ Theory & Crown Poisons

By Dean Henderson

Excerpted from my book Royal Bloodline Wetiko & The Great Remembering, Chapter 16: The Royal Alchemist Assault on Humanity

With the medical establishment now weaponized under Crown control, the royal bloodlines launched an alchemists war on planet earth using their medical wing as cover. Water, air and food were targeted with a slew of new chemicals concocted by Crown firms like Monsanto, Dow, and BASF. IBM manufactured what are now called “forever chemicals” and inserted them into personal care and cleaning products. These chemicals stay in people’s bodies forever, slowly making them sick.

DDT and paraquat were sprayed generously on California fruits and vegetables. Some researchers connect this to the polio outbreak in the US in the early 1950s. Instead of looking into this, the Rockefeller medicine show funded Dr. Jonas Salk who concocted a deadly polio vaccine, which we now know is responsible for an epidemic of brain cancers in men born before 1964 who got this poisonous injection.

While the Crown’s American Medical Association told the public there were deadly viruses inside our frail human bodies that would make us sick if we didn’t get their cartel-produced vaccines, the Crown’s chemical wing was busy poisoning Americans. Virus means “venom” in Latin. And coronavirus in Latin translates “Crown venom”.

Germ theory was first put forward by Venetian Girolamo Fracastoro, who has a crater on the moon named after him. It took off in the 1850’s with the work of Louis Pasteur. Pasteur graduated from the Royal College at Besancon in 1839. He was a member of the Royal Society and recipient of the Legion of Honor Grand Cross. He received the Albert Medal from the Royal Society of the Arts in 1882 and the Leeuwenhoek Medal from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences in 1895.

Pasteur’s Crown-funded research was expanded by Robert Koch, who became a director at the Royal Prussian Institute for Infectious Diseases in 1891. The two are held up as the fathers of microbiology. Prior to the Crown’s proclamation that germ theory would guide their new oil-based medicine, the common explanation for diseases was miasma theory or terrain theory, which maintains that disease is caused by exposure to environmental toxins.

The repercussions of this new medical paradigm were far-reaching. Instead of funding clean water and sewer systems in the global South, postwar USAID and NGO medical crusaders launder their charitable contributions into massive vaccination campaigns that are killing and sterilizing people.

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