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This is Your Future

By Dr. Vernon Coleman

This is a year of major elections in the UK, the US and much of Europe.

But it doesn’t really matter a damn who wins any of the elections, though the future will arrive more speedily if left-wing governments are in power.

We are hurtling toward Net Zero and the Great Reset.

Whatever lies we are told, this is what we can look forward to:

More twenty-minute cities will be built – with accommodation provided in tower blocks. Food for each twenty-minute city will be grown in local, indoor farms.

Social credit schemes will be introduced. (Read `Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street’ to find out what this means for you’.)

Health care will be increasingly unavailable – except for vaccination programmes which will be increased.

To enter a shop or any public building you’ll have to flash your smartphone in order to identify yourself (all those people who use their smartphones to pay for coffee have led the way to this).

Overall the weather will be colder and wetter as the sun is blocked by geoengineers. (search online for “radiation management” if you don’t believe me).

Traditional farms will fail and close and the land used for farming will be allowed to go wild.

Euthanasia will become legal everywhere – and heavily promoted. In many hospitals, the “voluntary” element of doctor-assisted suicide will quietly disappear as the elderly, the frail, the mentally ill, the disabled and the poor are quietly killed. (For more information about their evil plan for euthanasia, please read: ‘They Want to Kill Us’ by Jack King. CLICK HERE to buy this powerful and important book then tell as many people as you know about it to help spread the truth).

The pension age will soar and no one will receive a state pension until they are well into their 70s. Most people of working age will not receive any pension at all.

Travel will become increasingly difficult and expensive. Road pricing will be introduced to discourage motorists and to put up prices for lorries. New apartment blocks will be built on car parks and petrol stations. Those car parks which remain will only accept payment by a special App, and spaces will get smaller and smaller to discourage the ownership of large cars. Holidays will be discouraged. Today, passengers are told to arrive at their airport three hours before flight time. This will get worse.

Strikes will become regular and commonplace as unions use their power to disrupt and to damage and to help force us into the Great Reset.

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