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Prisoner dreams of ‘normal life’ after spending 18 years in jail for 23-month sentence

A prisoner who has served 18 years in prison after he was given a 23-month jail term has spoken of his desperation for a “normal life” as he makes his seventh bid to be freed from an indefinite sentence.

Wayne Williams was locked up aged just 17 for attempting to injure a police officer in a fight. He was told he must serve a minimum sentence of one year, 11 months and 20 days when he was handed an imprisonment for public protection (IPP) sentence in 2006.

But he is still in prison 18 years later after a string of failed parole bids, as he battles “fear, paranoia and loneliness” under the inhumane sentencing policy, which has since been abolished.

Now 36, Mr Williams hopes he may finally win his freedom as he faces his seventh parole board review this summer, after the probation service said they supported his release.

In letters from HMP Wymott, seen by The Independent, he revealed the “hell” of his incarceration at the category C prison in Lancashire as he struggles with declining mental health.

Wayne, who grew up in a string of foster homes and secure units, said the IPP sentence is the hardest thing he has ever endured.

The Independent has called for an immediate review of the sentences of almost 3,000 IPP inmates still languishing in prison – 708 of whom have served more than 10 years longer than their original sentence.

Almost 90 IPP prisoners have died by suicide, as families and campaigners issue calls for a resentencing exercise.

Recent cases highlighted by this publication include that of Thomas White, who set himself alight after serving 12 years for stealing a mobile phone, and Yusuf Ali, who did not eat for 61 days as he lost hope of ever being freed from his IPP sentence.

Although recent reforms passed under the Victims and Prisoners Bill will reduce the IPP licence period from 10 years to three for offenders in the community, they will do little to help those who have never been released.

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