Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 22 June 2024

Someone said ‘No pandemic’, ‘no virus’, in Spring 2020. That same someone has been exposing the global conspiracy for 35 years and has written nearly 30 books. That someone has never been interviewed by Carlson or Rogan, or indeed Neil Oliver on his GB News show despite asking me two years ago to talk to him on a Zoom call about what I knew. I told him there was no pandemic and no ‘virus’.

People like Oliver, Brand, Carlson, etc (and so many more) were never talking about any of this before ‘Covid’, but now they are the algorithmically-promoted ‘stars’ of the ‘alternative’ arena despite knowing next to nothing about the Big Picture (see also Turning Point USA and its like). They all constantly promote each other while the Musk God, serving so massively the agenda they claim to oppose, loves them all.

The Mainstream ‘Alternative’ Media (MAM) has been hijacked ever more obviously by here-and-no-further safe people regurgitating what others have long exposed while bringing nothing new to the table.

You can respond to these facts with abuse – please feel free. I am not seeking to communicate with the the trolls and the morons (I repeat myself). But intelligent people who read this might conclude that Carlson, Rogan and Oliver not talking to me might just make a statement about them, not me, and how much they really want to know the truth.

Intelligent people might further conclude that all three need to be asked why this is? Why won’t they talk to me – in Rogan’s case since 2009? There has to be a reason and whatever it is will not have ‘seeking truth’ in the sentence. See here what they don’t appear to want you to know –

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