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Electric Car Sales Plummet Across Europe

Sales of electric vehicles plunged across Europe last month, fuelled by a sharp drop-off in demand in Germany and the Netherlands. The Telegraph has more.

Official figures show that sales for new EVs fell by 30% in Germany last month, which led to a broader fall of 12.5% across the Continent.

It comes a week after Brussels launched a crackdown on an influx of cheap EV imports from China, which they claim have benefited from unfair state subsidies.

The European Commission unveiled a raft of new trade tariffs of up to 48% on EVs, including those made by MG, Volvo and BYD – all of which are China-owned.

However, the measures are at risk of increasing EV prices for drivers across the bloc and sparking a diplomatic row with Beijing, which has threatened to retaliate with its own tariffs.

The new duties will come into force from July 5th unless the EU strikes a deal with China.

Against this backdrop, data from the European Automobile Manufacturers Association on Thursday revealed that the year-on-year market share of fully electric cars fell from 13.8% to 12.5% in May.

As well as a drop in demand across Germany, the Netherlands also reported a 12.5% decline in new EV sales last month.

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