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Terminal Lucidity: Many Patients Experience an Unexplained Return of Mental Acuity in Their Final Days

The phenomenon is not new, and instances have been recorded in the medial literature going back to the 19th century.

The case study of Anna Katherina Ehmer is one of the most famous studies of terminal lucidity, a phenomenon that continues to baffle researchers.

Ms. Ehmer, known as Käthe, was a German woman born severely disabled in 1895. At six years of age, she was sent to a mental institution where she would live until she died at the age of 26.

“Käthe was among the patients with the most severe mental disabilities who have ever lived in our institution. From birth on, she was seriously retarded. She had never learned to speak a single word. She stared for hours on a particular spot, then she fidgeted for hours without a break. She gorged her food, fouled herself day and night, uttered an animal-like sound, and slept. In all the time she lived with us, we have never seen that she had taken notice of her environment even for a second,” recounted Dr. Friedrich Happich, who ran the institution.

Käthe suffered from several episodes of meningitis, which were thought to have “destroyed much of the brain tissue required for intelligent reasoning.” She also had tuberculosis, which led to the amputation of her leg and was the eventual cause of her death. She had never spoken a single word.

But, as she lay dying, something unexpected happened. She began singing to herself.

She sang—clearly and in perfect German—a funeral hymn. She sang to herself for a full half hour until she passed away.

“When we entered the room together, we did not believe our eyes and ears. Käthe, who had never spoken a single word, being entirely mentally disabled from birth on, sang dying songs to herself. Specifically, she sang over and over again ‘Where does the soul find its home, its peace? Peace, peace, heavenly peace!’ For half an hour she sang. Her face, up to then so stultified, was transfigured and spiritualized. Then, she quietly passed away. Like myself and the nurse who had cared for her, the physician had tears in his eyes.”

A Puzzling Phenomena

Terminal lucidity is most often seen in dementia patients right before they die. They have a brief period of lucidity where they come “back to life” and regain the qualities that make them who they are—or were before the onset of the disease.

This lucidity can include the ability to recall memories that were thought lost to a disease that slowly destroys the brain, as well as the ability to communicate—something that may long ago have disappeared as a consequence of their illness.

The phenomenon is not unique to those with dementia and happens in patients with other conditions such as severe psychiatric conditions, brain disorders, tumors, meningitis, brain abscesses, strokes, and brain injuries, as well as patients in comas who may wake up shortly before dying.

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