Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 19 June 2024

NHS Waiting Lists – Don’t Mention Lockdown

I think the lively election ‘debate’ over NHS waiting lists provides an excellent illustration of the way in which false narratives can be created and then acted out by politicians colluding on both sides of the political divide. The Left takes up the role of Punch and attacks Tory Judy with accusations that Tory-cuts and planned NHS privatisation led to poor performance, Tory Judy counters by blaming irresponsible Leftist doctors for the parlous state of the NHS. To help with the distraction, statistics are butchered and circulated by a co-opted media. The chart below is currently plastered all over social media by Leftist Punch.

This chart was initially produced by statistical manipulator extraordinaire John Burn-Murdoch of the Financial Times, who ruthlessly twisted statistics to push the approved Covid narrative. Here the effect is to divert attention from the lockdown-induced waiting list explosion in 2020 and focus instead on the Left-Right dynamics from 40 odd years ago. This graph also relies on the dubious stitching together of old and incompatible pre-2007 datasets. Channel 4 produced an even worse hatchet job through highly selective cherry-picking of statistics, also designed to push an anti-Conservative narrative. Its ‘analysis’ was so bad that I submitted a complaint to Ofcom, but received no response. You can find a detailed dissection of Channel 4’s dirty tricks on our website. It is also important to remember that none of this is accidental; everyone is starting with the same set of raw data. Decisions about what data to show and hide are almost always Leftist political decisions. These outlets are not attempting to provide an objective picture in my opinion.

A child could grasp the fact that if you stop treating ill patients, as we did in March 2020, an explosion in the NHS waiting list is the only possible outcome. Looking at the number of NHS patients waiting for 52 weeks or more, you can very easily see this metric started from zero and then immediately exploded as soon as lockdowns started.

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