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Fair Game, Duality Deception by Richard Willett

The general understanding is that the alchemical and secret teachings of the occult are not in of themselves good or bad, negative or positive, Black or White. This is something that I would personally agree with, and that it is the intention of the alchemist or practitioner that decides the energetic outcome of the ritual, for won’t of a better word.

Having said that I would say that once you enter their temple and step onto their chessboard it is the Cult that decides what is good or evil. So in their world both paths are one and the same. Once you pass through the twin towers of Boaz and Jachin at the local lodge, which represent the alleged pillars of the original Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, then you are playing their game and it is their god that decides what is negative and positive.

You have entered their Matrix and their creator god becomes yours.


Again I would like to repeat that the original alchemical knowledge itself is neutral and although the inner circle of the mainstream religions might want you to believe otherwise (that practicing the Black Magic inversion of these principles in secret) these mystery school teachings can be used for both positive and negative outcomes, depending on the intentions of the individual.

The cult knows this, so they want to confuse you into believing good is evil, and evil is good.

With that said, let’s have a look at the left hand path vs the right hand path, which is the terminology that most esoteric researchers will be most familiar with.


Most of you who are reading this article will be familiar with the terms “left hand” and “right hand” paths. These terms come from Hindu Tantra and in their basic forms dictate two spiritual or occult ways of living your life.

The right hand path is known as Dakshinachara in Sanskrit and is thought to be the more moral side of your spiritual journey. The left hand path is known as Vama Marga in Sanskrit and is seen as the path less trodden, that crazy walk on the wild side. This is a path that many refer to as the Dark Arts or Black Magic.

These are of course crude and basic explanations which are forever debatable depending on your personal perception of what is moral and correct. It is my belief that these secret societies with their black and white chequered flooring use these paths as a false options, kind of like voting.

Whilst you are “choosing” your path within these secret societies, the upper levels are able to gather data on your moral compass, what makes you tick, and ultimately how to manipulate you.

As you make your way up the degrees of many secret societies, those at the upper levels are able to build a profile of you. They gather this data according to which path you choose to take in any given circumstance. I stress the word given because these options are given to you within a tiny overtone window of possibilities.

They also gather kompromat and recorded evidence on your entire journey to hold against you if you should ever stray from their path. This was one of the roles of people like Jeffery Epstein and Jimmy Savile.


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