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Why do drag queens never want to read stories to the elderly?

‘Queer theory’ and ‘critical theory’ lie at the heart of the LGBT movement, aiming to normalize extremely perverse sexual proclivities, including pedophilia, while dismantling traditional social and sexual norms under the guise of scientific progress.

(LifeSiteNews) — Whenever some grifter brings up the issue of female impersonators reading to children, you might consider asking, “Why do they never read stories to the elderly?”

These men in makeup as freakish parodies of women insist on reading to children. Very young children at that. Nurseries and junior schools are the usual venues. They don’t do this in care homes for our lonely, isolated grandparents.

Never prisons, hospital wards, hospices. Why do they never read to prisoners – a literal captive audience? Why not entertain the sick, or bring “trans joy” to the terminally ill?

Why is it always little children?

There is no “war veterans story hour.” There is not even a basic literacy initiative. The point is not the stories. Nor is it to spread the pleasure of reading. The point is the normalization of the presence of people such as this in the company of children.

What is happening about this?

Anatomy of a grift

Grifting is a term applied to an issue milked for cash. Some grifters you like, some you don’t.

The pro-trans grift is about framing their extreme sexual identitarianism as a liberation struggle from dark forces of repression.

The anti-trans grift is about selling you descriptions of this while remaining silent about the cause and the cure.

If this seems unkind, ask yourself whether the people whose names you associate with being pro- or anti-trans would still have this income – and audience – if the problem could be solved.

Like therapy, the grifters do not provide a cure. Both the producer and the consumer come to depend on the continued production of the product.

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