Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 18 June 2024

The True Meaning of the Inverted Cross and Why Mass Media Lies About It

Throughout history, the easiest way of identifying who’s genuinely in power in a society is by observing the symbolism permeating the culture. For instance, when the Catholic Church was in power in old Europe, symbolism—right down to street names—was all related to Catholicism. When Freemasons took power, their subtle yet unmistakable symbolism became visible in all facets of society (see my Sinister Sites series).

Symbols rule the world because those who rule it naturally represent themselves using symbolism. This remains true today. As this site documents, a specific set of symbols permeates society while others are all but shunned. One “accepted” symbol is the inverted cross.

The meaning of this powerful symbol could not be more obvious: It represents the inversion of Christianity. For this reason, it is the main symbol representing Satanism. So what does that say about those currently ruling the world? That they are Satanists, right?

However, those who currently rule the world are marketing, public relations, and disinformation experts. And they’ve launched an all-out campaign of disinformation to make people believe that the Satanic symbol that is popping up everywhere is actually … Christian. The go-to argument: The inverted cross is actually a Catholic symbol called St. Peter’s cross. While this symbol exists in a specific niche of Catholicism, nobody in Hollywood wears it to honor St. Peter. And those who claim this dubious fact are engaging in outright disinformation.

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