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New Poll: Peter Thiel Business Associate J.D. Vance Massive Favorite for Trump VP Pick

J.D. Vance emerged as the overwhelming favorite to be Donald Trump’s vice-president, in a straw poll conducted at the Turning Point Action’s People’s Convention, in Detroit.

Nearly 2000 respondents took part in the poll, in which Vance racked up 43% of votes. Tim Scott was a distant second, with 15.4%, followed by Marco Rubio and Doug Burgum, with 7.7% and 7.0% respectively. Just over a quarter of respondents remained undecided.

The poll also included questions about policy priorities. 83.3% of respondents said that immigration and border security should be the main focus of the first 100 days of a Trump second term. Economic issues were identified as the main priority by 14% of respondents.

A mere 2.7% believed that Ukraine and foreign aid should be the primary focus of an incoming administration. 91.7% of respondents expressed opposition to continuing aid for Ukraine.

Both Mitch McConnell and Mike Johnson took a battering in the poll. Just shy of 80% of respondents said they strongly disapproved of McConnell’s performance as Senate Minority Leader, and 58.6% said the same about Johnson in his role as House Speaker.

In other notable news from the Convention, Alex Jones made a surprise appearance on stage with Jack Posobiec. Jones laid out his predictions for the 2024 election and the deep state’s attempts to thwart a Trump victory.

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