Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 16 June 2024

The Immigration Election? It Seems the Conservatives and Labour Haven’t Heard

This week, the Labour party released its manifesto and, as expected, there was much of what we have been hearing for some time about illegal Channel crossings – “go after the criminal gangs”, “create a new Border Security Command” and “smash the gangs”. The party will also “fast-track removals to safe countries people who do not have the right to stay here… and negotiate additional returns arrangements to speed up returns and increase the number of safe countries that failed asylum seekers can swiftly be sent back to”.

Really? Are these safe countries that we already have agreements with or are the agreements yet to be negotiated? Labour is of course also going to dismantle the Rwanda plan. Having come this far with it and after millions of taxpayers’ money on the scheme, one would have thought it at least worth a try to see if it works. Surely, the taxpayer is owed that at least.

So much of what Labour is proposing is either already being done or will have the effect of drawing in more migrants – like swifter clearance, which will amount to asylum or leave to remain on the nod for those from areas of the world they can’t be sent back to. And asylum in all but name for those in the queue, now around 35,000.

As for legal immigration – the much bigger problem (we heard just three weeks ago that the provisional figure for the whole of 2023 was a colossal (net) 685,000) – there was little of substance on how it would be reduced, beyond “reforming the points-based immigration system so that it is fair and properly managed, with appropriate restrictions on visas, and by linking immigration and skills policy”. Labour will also not “tolerate employers or recruitment agencies abusing the visa system” or “stand for breaches of employment law”.

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