Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 15 June 2024

What are they doing to our skies? Part One

WEATHER modification programmes and other geo-engineering experiments to reverse ‘climate change’ can no longer be brushed off as the stuff of ‘chemtrail’ conspiracy theorists. In recent weeks concerns, catalysed by excess rainfall both here and in Dubai, have finally gone mainstream.

A report in the Telegraph on Dubai’s unprecedented floods detailed Saudi Arabia’s and the UAE’s systematic seeding the sky to bring rain on the desert and reported confirmation from Ahmed Habib, a meteorologist at the UAE’s National Centre of Meteorology, that ‘several cloud-seeding planes were flown in the days leading up to the unprecedented weather’. It went on to detail the processes and chemicals involved in generating ‘artificial’ rain. Cloud seeding has also been blamed for California’s devastating flooding in February. 

British scientists, the Telegraph revealed in another article, have been involved in the Middle East project since 2017 and experimenting here in the UK, near Castle Cary in Somerset, where ‘above a verdant landscape rarely troubled by drought, unmanned aerial vehicles with specially developed charge emitters that could release positive or negative ions on demand were launched into another foggy sky’.

You may ask why I, a former General Officer in the Army, feel it necessary to launch into print on this subject. Well, for one thing I have been aware of weather modification and solar radiation management (geo-engineering activity) for some time now and I believe it to be a matter of security – the security of all our livelihoods, food supplies, health and in the worst case, survival. For another, I spent three years studying landforms and the forces that form them, chiefly climate and weather, so I have some knowledge as well as interest. Nor am I the only person to have witnessed the changes in our skies from the ground over recent years, or to have watched it happen from passenger aircraft flying above the spraying. Finally, when the same sources ‘rubbish’ and discredit the people reporting this and its possible impact – the same ones that hyped up covid and censored dissent as misinformation – it’s time to worry. Once again the government is either not being open with us or is not in control of what is going on.

Concern is not restricted to this type of attempted weather management. Alarming solar radiation modification research and experimentation has been going on for a decade and more. Roman Balmakov in the Epoch Times recently reported on one such secretive project taking place outside San Francisco right now. Many scientists and modellers in the powerful ‘man-made global warming’ lobby are pushing for more of it.

Last February saw more than 60 researchers from ‘prominent institutions’ recommending more research ‘on potential approaches to increasing the reflection of sunlight (or release of long-wave radiation) from the atmosphere’ in other words ‘solar radiation modification’ (SRM) of the type that Bill Gates has been funding and that Stanford and Harvard Universities have been pursuing. They also called for more ‘small-scale field experiments’. A  scaremongering UN report last year also suggests the time has come to start investigating whether SRM can help to combat the ‘climate crisis’.  ‘Emergency temporary measures such as SRM are being raised in scientific and public discourse since global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not on track to meet the 1.5°C Paris Agreement goal. Climate change continues to worsen, with some of its impacts already irreversible.’ (My italics). This is their ‘excuse’ or rationale.

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