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Bye, bye, green and pleasant land. See you in the history books: Keir Starmer says he is prepared to make ‘enemies’ and make it easier to build wind farms if he becomes PM. This Cult-owned gofer is going to be a disaster for your environment and freedom

Keir Starmer admitted he is ready to make ‘enemies’ after the election as he seeks to rebuilt the UK economy – and vowed to reform planning laws to make it easier to build wind farms in the countryside.

In a BBC Panorama interview broadcast this evening he said he would be ‘tough’  because ‘we’re going to have to change the way things are done,’ if he becomes prime minister on July 4.

In excerpts released by the broadcaster ahead of the interview he singled out the example of wind farms that can take years to build because of local objections and the planning system.

‘I spoke to the CEO of an energy company saying, ”How long would it take you to put a wind turbine farm up?” He said, ”I could do it in two years. You wouldn’t get any power out of it for 13 years because I’d lose five years to planning, and another six or seven years before the grid connected.” We cannot go on like that,’ the Labour leader said.

It came as the  Tories stepped up attacks on the Labour leader today, warning that Labour could hike taxes in 18 areas if they win on July 4.

Sir Keir unveiled his manifesto yesterday with plans to boost the burden by £8.5billion to pump money into services.

However, while promising no changes to income tax, national insurance or VAT, Sir Keir has refused to rule out moves on council tax and capital gains.

Treasury minister Laura Trott used a press conference to claim Labour ‘are secretly planning to put capital gains tax on your primary residence’, which would be a ‘disastrous policy for families up and down the country’.

Labour flatly denied that it would charge CGT on main home sales, accusing the Tories of ‘lying’.

But the Resolution Foundation has cautioned that the party’s manifesto set the stage for a parliament of undeclared tax rises and public service curbs – a criticism also levelled at the Conservatives.

Ms Trott said: ‘Yesterday we saw a manifesto from Labour that contained no tax cuts, only tax rises – they even warned of it in their manifesto.’

She added: ‘It’s a tax trap manifesto from a Labour Party that has tax rises coded into its DNA.

‘Labour’s first, second and third answer to every problem is always the same: raise taxes. And as a result, the tax burden under Labour – on their own figures – will rise to be the highest our country has ever seen.’

But a Labour spokesman said: ‘Labour will not introduce capital gains taxes on primary residences. It’s a bad idea.

‘The Conservatives are lying. It’s a sign of utter desperation that the Tories are talking about things they have imagined, and that Labour isn’t doing.’

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