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Quite right – it is grotesquely over-the-top. This is not equality – it is superiority. And we have seen where that leads. Good luck to you with whatever lifestyle you choose – just stop pushing it on the rest of us. Great equality reformers like Martin Luther King get a DAY. ‘Pride’ gets a MONTH. Something not right here

James May has criticised Pride organisers over the number of flags up in Britain’s cities marking the event, saying the decorations could be seen as ‘authoritarian’ and ‘oppressive’.

The Top Gear star took to social media today to share his thoughts on the Pride flags which have been hung in Regent Street, central London.

It comes as June marks LGBT Pride month which celebrates members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

The 61-year-old TV presenter said organisers were ‘borderline guilty’ of TMB (Too Much Bunting) which could come across as ‘authoritarian’ and ‘oppressive’. And, he said that World War Two started with too much bunting.

His post reads: ‘Pride: while I have observed and admired what you have achieved over my lifetime, may I respectfully suggest that you are borderline guilty of Too Much Bunting (TMB).

‘It may be seen as authoritarian, and therefore oppressive.

‘Please remember that some terrible things, with which you would not wish to be allied, began with TMB. World War Two, for example.  Nice flag, though.’

May shared the post alongside an image of Pride flag bunting, although it is unclear whether this was a photograph from this year’s celebrations or not.

Some social media users agreed with May, saying ‘I do agree, less is more when it comes to hanging stuff over streets’ and ‘what an excellent way to put it James’.

One person said: ‘I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Mr May has a good point on the just too much point. I would go further and say the community at large (Alphabet community) isn’t going out to put these up as opposed to corporations seeking to capitalise on the event itself.’

But many people criticised May’s remarks, with some saying they were ‘confused’ by the point he was trying to make.

One person wrote: ‘I hope you’re not insinuating that somehow the LGBTQ+ community is somehow in danger of starting WW3 because of some rainbow flags James?’

May stood firm in his stance and said: ‘I’m not, no. Stand down’.

Another person said: ‘Respectfully, comparing the LGBT community to Nazis is very offensive. Very disappointed, James.’

But May refuted the claim that he was comparing the LGBT community to the Nazis and responded with: ‘I haven’t done, though, have I?’

The Pride flag was created by American artist and gay rights activist Gilbert Baker and was first displayed in 1978 as a symbol of the LGBT community.

Over the years, different variations of the Pride flag have emerged, with some LGBT movements arguing it needed to better represent and reflect more communities.

The ‘Progress’ variation of the Pride flag, designed by artist Daniel Quasar, represents people of colour in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the trans community, and those living with HIV/AIDS.

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