Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 14 June 2024

California Tests Technocracy By Taxing Drivers For Miles Driven

This Technocratic lunacy has been building for years. I wrote three years ago, “Oregon was the first state to consider a mileage tax that would track all of your mileage, with a GPS device, on which roads or streets you drove, and then send a personalized tax bill to each driver. Excess mileage could be charged an extra carbon tax. Now Buttigieg is bringing this to the national level.”

Why own a car? This pay-to-drive scheme essentially turns your car into a rental (think Hertz), where you absorb all the capital and maintenance costs, and they pay a mileage fee to boot. When consumers figure this out, the auto industry is kaput. Thereafter, it is Technocracy.

The Technocracy Study Course addressed this clearly in 1934:

Whereas, at the present time, one buys an expensive automobile, and leaves it parked the greater part of the time in front of his house as evidence of conspicuous consumption, the automobiles that we are speaking of would have to be kept in operation. This would be accomplished by instituting what would resemble a national ‘drive it yourself’ system.

The Automotive Branch of Transportation would provide a network of garages at convenient places all over the country from which automobiles could be had at any hour of the night or day. No automobiles would be privately owned. When one wished to use an automobile he would merely call at the garage, present his driver’s license, and a car of the type needed would be assigned to him.

When he was through with the car he would return it either to the same garage, or to any other garage that happened to be convenient, and surrender his Energy Certificates in payment for the cost incurred while he was using it.

Don’t tell me that Technocracy is not in play here…  — Technocracy News & Trends Editor Patrick Wood

California has the highest income tax rate in the country (top tier of 14.4 percent). It has the highest statewide sales tax rate (7.25 percent, plus local sales taxes). It has the highest gas tax rate ($0.78 per gallon). Yet, it ranks third to last in the country in terms of road quality.

The old joke is that California would tax the air we breathe if it could. Well, California’s latest tax proposal comes close. The state is recruiting drivers for a pilot program to track and tax the miles they drive.

The plan is borne from the fact that Californians have switched to electric and hybrid vehicles at a faster rate than other states, spurred on by large state, as well as federal, subsidies. As a result, gas consumption has declined, in turn reducing the state’s gas tax receipts. One might think this could be rectified by simply shifting money from the general fund to make up for it. But the state faces up to a $55 billion deficit this year, causing it to consider a host of additional taxes, including a wealth tax.

California has long relied upon the gas tax to take care of its roads. It was a good idea at first. The gas tax was initially used in lieu of toll roads, which made a lot of sense. Pricing the cost of road maintenance into the price of gas was a good way of taxing people based upon usage. Toll roads do the same, but they are cumbersome, requiring toll booths, workers, cash, and long lines. However, California ultimately succumbed to the need for more money and added some toll roads in addition to the gas tax.

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