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The Race Politics of Gardening

What is it about BBC employees and the needless politicisation of gardening? Evidently not having read my piece on this website last week about this very topic, Kate Bradbury, the Wildlife Editor of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, went on-stage at the Cheltenham Science Festival on Sunday to claim there was some kind of innate divide between the sexes when it came to the topic of mowing one’s lawn, with attitudes towards such things apparently being “quite gendered”.

Who is Kate Bradbury? I think the following recent tweet of hers (complete with obligatory Pride Month Rainbow Flag) sums up the answer perfectly:

It seems the reason most of these lovely creatures like bees and toads are now beginning to “disappear” is because, under the toxic influence of the patriarchy, British householders are all mowing our lawns way too low for them to hide out and live in (even though bees live in hives and toads frequent ponds, not long grasses – still, as Kate says, “I’m not a scientist”).

Whilst promoting her deeply right-on-sounding new book One Garden Against the World: In Search of Hope in a Changing Climate, Bradbury professed herself to be of the opinion that women are more likely to value deliberately uncut long grass in a garden as resembling a “lovely” meadow, whilst men are more prone to just frown and ask “why are you watering those weeds?” Also proving that many females these days have little regard for law’n order was Rachel de Thame, a regular presenter on the BBC’s actual Gardeners’ World TV show, who told the Cheltenham crowd her daughter thought the family’s uncut lawn, filled with wildflowers/weeds (delete according to genitalia) was “beautiful”, whereas her husband thought it was just “messy”.

Men, like the hideous SS-style control-freaks they are, were more likely to prefer “order” in their gardens, the prize pair agreed, echoing earlier 2021 comments of another (male, but probably currently transitioning) Gardener’s World presenter, Monty Don, that cutting your lawn was a masculine “obsession” which was all about “control”. “Making a lawn that is pure grass without any filthy and foreign invading plants in there, making sure it’s stripy and neat” was an innately male obsession of “controlling rather than embracing”, explained the distinctly Pythonesque-sounding Monty, as if using a Flymo was akin to battering a helpless wife. Another BBC presenter, Chris Packham, has also described lawnmowing as “a very bizarre habit”; fair enough, my lawn would describe him as “a very bizarre man”.

Lawns With No Borders
What is wrong with those who run the West today? Can there ever have been a society as relentlessly obsessed with pointlessly politicising absolutely every single thing (quite literally) under the sun, even harmless lawns, flowers and gardens? Well, yes actually – Nazi Germany, as it happens. Or, at least, this is the claim of certain Left-wingers and eco-nuts these days.

As I discussed last week, certain horticulturalists out there seem preoccupied with asserting that those who insist upon planting native species of flowers, trees and shrubs in their gardens are some kind of secret crypto-fascists, obsessed with maintaining the purity of their own racial homeland, as well as that of their flowerbeds – ‘Blood and Soil’, as the Nazis used to say. An excellent example grew out of the annual conference of the California Native Plant Society in 2018, which concluded with the following photo of a breed of orange American caterpillar which happened to bear a remarkable resemblance to an equally orange breed of American President, Donald Trump:

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