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Vaccine injuries in the Canadian Armed Forces rose by over 800 per cent in 2021

According to Access to Information documents, Canadian Armed Forces vaccine injuries skyrocketed from 14 in 2020 to 128 in 2021, an 800% increase, with over 100 injuries being attributed to Moderna’s experimental covid injection.

The documents also show that in 2022, the vaccine injury figures swelled even higher to 223 cases, LifeSiteNews reported last week.

Beginning in November 2021, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau’s government mandated 275,983 employees from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, military and main federal departments provide proof of vaccination.  Those who failed to do so risked dismissal or suspension without pay. While there were provisions for medical and religious exemptions, these were rarely granted.

By the time the policy ended in October 2022, 299 people had been released from the military and another 108 left on their own, according to Global News.

Canadian Armed Forces documents show over 800% increase in adverse event reports after COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

By The Canadian Independent

Documents obtained by LifeSiteNews reveal a significant increase in vaccine adverse events and injuries within the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) after the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out, with an over 800 per cent rise largely attributed to Moderna’s COVID-19 shot.

According to Access to Information (ATIP) documents obtained by LifeSiteNews, the number of COVID vaccine-related injuries in the CAF surged from 14 cases in 2020 to 128 in 2021, marking an increase of over 800 per cent. The documents indicate that the majority of these incidents occurred following the administration of Moderna’s COVID shot.

The records show the number of injuries reported each year as follows: 6 in 2010, 7 in 2011, 5 in 2012, 9 in 2013, 8 in 2014, 8 in 2015, 4 in 2016, 4 in 2017, 8 in 2018, 7 in 2019, 14 in 2020, then a massive jump to 128 cases in 2021, and 223 in 2022.

The types of COVID-19 vaccine adverse events and injuries that were reported included deep vein thrombosis, tachycardia, anaphylaxis, seizures, excessive menstrual bleeding, shingles reactivation, spontaneous abortion, myocarditis, pericarditis, menstrual cycle issues, Guillain-Barré syndrome, rhabdomyolysis, Bell’s palsy, hemochromatosis, thyroid mass, heart palpitations, transverse myelitis, perimyocarditis, and many others.

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