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New Report Reveals Massive Scale of Green Billionaire Funding of ‘Climate Emergency’ Reporting in Mainstream Media

A massive global grooming programme aimed at mostly mainstream media involving climate catastrophism and Net Zero promotion is detailed in a recently published report from the green billionaire-funded Internews’s Earth Journalism Network (EJN). The work is a shocking insight into the corruption of independent, investigative journalism. At one point the report observes “a concerning trend among journalists in some countries still seeking to ‘balance’ their climate change reporting”. The report shows clearly that the green billionaires are calling most of the shots in promoting stories of Net Zero-inspired climate collapse. It is noted that they may fund journalists “to cover stories in a particular subject area, determined by funder interests and goals”.

Over the last 20 years the tax-efficient billionaire foundations have stepped into the funding gaps left by declining circulation and advertising sales across mainstream media. It is noted by the EJN that journalists “overwhelmingly agreed” that support from external funding organisations was “essential” to enabling their climate and environmental reporting. Any journalist can apply to be a member of the EJN and the “primary benefit” is said to be access to grant funding for stories and “training opportunities”. The operation claims over 25,000 members in 200 countries.

The list of EJN funders is a long one and includes many well-known supporters of climate fear-mongering work. Included is the European Climate Foundation, heavily supported by Michael Bloomberg and Extinction Rebellion paymaster Sir Christopher Hohn. Other supporters include Tides, Gulbenkian, Oak, Packard, Climate Justice Resilience, MacArthur and Rockefeller. Helping out with taxpayer money are political and government organisations including the United Nations and the British Foreign Office.

The EJN report is said to provide a novel, truly global benchmark of the current state of climate and environmental journalism. Unhappily this would appear to be true. As we have seen in many past issues of the Daily Sceptic, very few ‘grassroots’ green operations can survive without elite billionaire funding. The same is true of media coverage. Much of the global barrage of climate catastrophe reporting would not exist without this vital outside lifeline. It is obvious that the cash handouts have a clear political agenda, namely an elite-mandated Net Zero global collectivisation made easier by the growth of supranational organisations.

The report makes the obvious point that climate and environmental journalists have long been criticised for lacking objectivity. However the “literature” is said to suggest that journalism as a whole “has been moving away from objectivity as a professional practice in the digital landscape”.  Some researchers are said to have pointed to a need to think ‘beyond journalism’ and to formulate a broader definition.

It might be argued that if you are being paid to be a poodle, you are already ‘beyond journalism’. As 1984author George Orwell once wrote: “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; anything else is public relations.”

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