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German Tourists Found Guilty of Insulting PCR and Lockdown Promotor Christian Drosten. Insulting Drosten? Not possible

One of the most picaresque, but in many ways telling, episodes of Germany’s Covid experience occurred on the placid shores of the idyllic Ellbogensee (Elbow Lake) in northeastern Germany. It was here, on June 25th 2022, that Maik S. and his wife Kathrin W., two vacationers from Berlin, had the surprise of their lives. By this time, most of the Covid measures which had severely restricted the lives of Germans or forced them to get vaccinated to enjoy basic liberties had been lifted, and there, standing right in front of them at their favourite campsite, was the very man whose supposed scientific authority had been so often invoked to justify those measures: none other than Germany’s ‘star virologist’ Christian Drosten.

“We were totally gobsmacked,” Kathrin told a court in the little town of Waren in April, “that this person was walking around the campsite without a hat pulled down over his eyes and sunglasses, without police protection”.

What happened then the couple has recounted to Uwe Krüger, a blogger who has covered the episode in far greater detail than any mainstream German media. According to the couple’s recollections, Maik’s first reaction was to take a photo and post it on a Telegram group, seeking confirmation from his friends that it really was Drosten. Later that evening, still evidently having trouble believing his eyes, he walked up to the man who looked for all the world like Christian Drosten, and the following dialogue ensued.

Maik: Are you Herr Drosten?

Drosten: Yes.

Maik: You dare to come to this campsite?

Drosten: Why not?

Maik: Because you’re a criminal!

At this point, Maik is supposed to have turned around to other campers and shouted, “Look here please people! That’s Herr Drosten: the biggest criminal who’s running around free in Germany!”

The couple’s description of the initial altercation is largely concordant with reports in the German press, except that according to the press reports Maik is also supposed to have called Drosten a “transhumanist” (sic.) and a “mass murderer”. The couple does not recall him having used the latter term. In any event, the other campers were apparently unmoved by Maik’s appeal, with one man, according to their recollections, just shaking his head and a woman responding that it was Drosten’s right to be there.

And that was the end of matters, until the next day, when, still per the couple’s recollections, their friend Franziska, who was vacationing with them, went up to Drosten to ask him how there could be video of him claiming that masks were ineffective in preventing COVID-19 transmission and yet, shortly thereafter, he would support a mask mandate. To this, Drosten is supposed to have responded, “You have rubbish in your head! Check your sources! You’re watching rubbish!”

When Franziska then noted that she works in a daycare centre and that all her colleagues have been constantly sick since they got vaccinated, Drosten is supposed to have responded, “That’s your fault, because you’re not vaccinated!” At this point, on the couple’s account, Franziska broke into tears and returned to her friends.

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