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UK People’s Fake-Vaccine Inquiry: The public needs to know the real evidence about the ‘Covid’ fake vaccines and their roll-out

The People’s Vaccine Inquiry is now live.  It began with a group of experts who were called to submit witness statements in the UK Covid-19 Inquiry – Module 4 on Vaccines. As the public inquiry postponed Module 4 until 2025, these professionals believed it was in the public interest to give immediate access to their expert testimony.

As well as on its website, you can follow the People’s Vaccine Inquiry on Twitter.

The People’s Vaccine Inquiry launched

By The Health Advisory & Recovery Team (“HART Group”)

The UK Covid-19 Inquiry was established and funded by the UK Government. It was set up to examine the UK’s response to and impact of the covid-19 pandemic and supposedly to learn lessons for the future.

The People’s Vaccine Inquiry brings together several expert groups who were invited to give evidence to the Covid-19 Public Inquiry Module 4 on Vaccines and other groups with relevant expertise.

The Covid-19 public inquiry has – concerningly and for unclear reasons – postponed the vaccine module until 2025. Of even greater concern, on 22 May 2024, it was announced that the Inquiry will not consider the efficacy nor all the safety issues of the covid vaccines.

The professionals who took part in the People’s Vaccine Inquiry believe it is in the public interest to facilitate access to expert opinion and relevant clinical observations. There has been a huge failure of public health over the past few years, alongside a complete departure from previously accepted medical ethics.

Worryingly, there now appears to be an attempt to hide important evidence from the public. That evidence is now being brought together in this website. It is intended as a resource for the general public as well as to help concerned healthcare professionals get up to date with the latest research and developments and make informed decisions.

We want to encourage other experts to come forward and provide additional testimonials by submitting them via this email link.

Our shared aim is to give unlimited access to the latest evidence related to covid vaccines and their roll-out.

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