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Labour’s Claim That Net Zero 2030 Will Cut Energy Bills Doesn’t Add Up

Energy Policy is not front and centre of this election campaign. However, Ed Miliband took to X last weekto claim that a report cited by Claire Coutinho, the Energy Secretary supported his claim that Labour’s 2030 clean power plan would save people money on their energy bills.

As a reminder, the Conservatives have set a target to decarbonise the grid by 2035 (NZ2035) and Labour wants to accelerate that by five years and deliver a Net Zero grid by 2030 (NZ2030). Time to dig into the report, examine Ed’s claim and the accuracy of the analysis.

The report in question was published in March 2024 by Policy Exchange, which acknowledges the modelling work was carried out by Aurora Energy Research. The report and associated slide deck and data book can be found here. Policy Exchange describes itself as the most influential think tank in the country. Aurora was founded by some professors from Oxford University and claims it is the largest dedicated power analytics provider in Europe. However, as we shall see below, it looks like doubling the brains on this report has halved the collective IQ.

Problems for Ed Miliband

The first problem for Ed is that the consumer costs in the quoted post from Aurora Energy Research cannot be found in the report, slide deck or data book. At the bottom of its thread, it does say you can get in touch if you have any questions. I did reply to its tweet thread asking what it meant by “total consumer costs” and how it arrived at them. Sadly, I have not received a reply.

The second problem for Ed is much more substantial. The slide deck says on page 6:

Technological and policy barriers are unlikely to be overcome to reach Net Zero in the power sector within the timescales of current political targets.

In other words, we are unlikely to hit a Net Zero grid by either 2030 or 2035. It goes on to say on page 25:

Further accelerating Net Zero in the power sector to 2030 requires more extreme policy action and is likely to be out of reach.

To give a flavour of how unfeasible both plans are (see p19 of the slide deck), to achieve NZ2035 requires the pace of offshore wind deployment to accelerate by a factor of three, from about 1GW per year to 3.2GW per year. However, the pace of offshore development needs to increase six-fold to meet the NZ2030 target.

In other words, a Net Zero power grid by 2030 is simply not going to happen.

However, the headlines are only the start of the problems for Ed Miliband, Policy Exchange and Aurora.

Missing Grid Costs

The Aurora slide deck (p28) says that to achieve a Net Zero grid by 2030, we will need to spend £116bn on wind and solar capacity up to 2035. As an aside, it also says we would need to spend a little less or £105bn to achieve the same thing by 2035

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