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63 US “Problem Banks” Are Nearly Insolvent, But You Can’t Know Which Ones

By Daisy Luther

The FDIC recently released their quarterly report with some disturbing news: they have a list of “problem banks” that are “near insolvency.”  These banks are in trouble because of unrealized losses on securities ballooned from $39 billion to $517 billion.

In a quarter.

Not year over year. Not over a decade. Over a course of three months.

That’s an absolutely shocking increase. Residential mortgage-backed securities are the brunt of the problem. Sound familiar? Remember the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008? When everything went to heck, it was over around a trillion dollars in mortgage-backed securities that caused the bubble to burst. We just went from sort of okay to half a trillion in three months.

This is a really big deal.

Which “problem banks” are in trouble?

This is where it gets sticky.

We don’t get to know which banks are in trouble.

It could be my bank. It could be yours. Or maybe it’s not.

Are they big banks? Small ones?

The list is confidential to inhibit the likelihood of bank runs finishing off these institutions.

So we just don’t know.

What we do know is that the FDIC has the funds to replace 1.17% of the qualified deposits in America. If your bank goes first, you’ll get your money back after months of waiting. If your bank is further down the line?

Good luck.

We watched this happen with several banks last year, when only 12 were on the brink. Now there are 63.

Last year, we also saw that the FDIC made a plan for a bail-IN using our money. It’s not just me saying it. It’s on the record. There’s a video of the meeting.

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