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How Lockdowns Destroyed Parenting Skills

It’s only four years since Covid was used as a pretext to turn whole nations upside down. Evidence for the devastating effect on economies, education and public health continues to mount up. Even the BBC, one of the chief supporters of lockdowns, can’t avoid the issue.

Lantern Academy is a primary school in Telford where Michelle Skidmore is the 14th headteacher in eight years:

“We have a number of children who struggle with basic communication,” says Ms. Skidmore. “‘Can I go to the toilet? Can I have a drink?’ These are some of the basic sentences we have to teach our children to say.”

The children, whose parents speak English at home and have no learning disabilities, are coming to school unable to communicate. The staff therefore have to teach them Makaton, a basic form of sign language that uses symbols and signs to allow them to express themselves.

Some of the children who cannot talk are not toilet-trained either. At the start of Reception in September, eight of the 27 four year-olds came to school in nappies. The school has had to develop “intimate care plans” to keep them clean as well as providing potty training.

While some of these social problems were already a challenge, there’s no doubt in Ms. Skidmore’s mind about what has made them far worse:

Forty-eight per cent of pupils receive free school meals – about double the England average. But the new ethos that Ms. Skidmore has worked hard to create is being severely tested by challenges resulting from the Covid pandemic. “For some people, the role of parenting has changed – 100%,” she says.

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