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Bilderberg 2024 or How the Elite Subverts Politics, Technology, Big Pharma and the Media

The 2024 Bilderberg Conference was the event’s 70th edition, and there are no signs of winding down. Quite to the contrary, considering the notability of this year’s attendees and the scope of the topics discussed, it is clear that the Bilderbergers are more determined than ever to bend the world according to their will.

A thorough look at the guests in attendance, the entities they represent, and the links they maintain with each other is a fascinating yet upsetting experience. Because, seriously, there is no way one CANNOT be a “conspiracy theorist” when one realizes that these politicians, mega-corporations, “journalists,” and other luminaries are literally colluding behind closed doors in secret meetings. This feeling is exacerbated by the fact that Bilderberg Conferences operate under Chatham House rules, which require participants to be sworn to secrecy and not disclose the identity or affiliation of any particular speaker.

This year’s event occurred from May 30 to June 2nd at Eurostars Suites in Madrid. While a high level of security usually surrounds these conferences, this year’s event was simply absurd. And, when a fleet of police vans escorted the King of Spain to the Conference (although he was not listed in the official list of attendees) while a hive of surveillance drones hovered around the premises, the site resembled a dystopian police state.

The discussions at Bilderberg meetings are held in complete secrecy, but its official website usually publishes a (rather laconic) list of topics on the agenda. This year’s topics were:

  • State of AI
  • AI Safety
  • Changing Faces of Biology
  • Climate
  • Future of Warfare
  • Geopolitical Landscape
  • Europe’s Economic Challenges
  • US Economic Challenges
  • US Political Landscape
  • Ukraine and the World
  • Middle East
  • China
  • Russia

These topics can be summed up in a single sentence: “How can we utilize politics, technology, big pharma and the media to bring about a global world order”?

Here’s a look at Bilderberg 2024.

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