Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 9 June 2024

What is the Globalist Gameplan Behind the Growing Bird Flu Hysteria?

Poultry farms worldwide may soon be subjected to mass cullings based on the latest round of viral fearmongering orchestrated via the WHO.

The desperate globalist quest for a new “pandemic” may have finally found a clincher in the form of a confirmed death from avian influenza in Mexico City recently. The culprit subtype this time happens to be the H5N2 rather than the highly publicised and dreaded H5N1 virus.

It was the H5N1 subtype which was pencilled to spark the next great pandemic by the usual mainstream suspects. Variants of this virus have been detected in cats and cows in the United States; in an Australian child travelling from India; in milk in “very high concentrations” (via bird-to-cow, cow-to-cow and cow-to-bird transmissions); and had killed a dolphin and a polar bear for the very first time. Most tragically of all, it had also killed an earthworm sometime in April although this report has been subsequently scrubbed from the Internet. Besides, who could have possibly performed an autopsy on a dead earthworm? So far I have not come across any “fact-checking” website claiming this to be fake news.

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