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Temple Tantrums – The showdown is set for Temple Mount in Jerusalem, article by Richard Willett

Every global death cult needs an end goal, an ultimate objective to aim for, a final destination if you will. For this ancient death cult it appears that at least for this Satanic chapter, the end scene appears to take place on Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

What this show down will mean for most Jews, Muslims, Christians and even those who don’t buy into the abrahamic triangulation is an end times that has nothing biblical or godly about it at all. At present, Temple Mount is a hotly contested piece of real estate in the ancient biblical lands of Jerusalem. The land is romanticised in Hebrew as “Mount of The House of The Holy” where today sits one of the most important moments of the Islamic faith, the Al Aqsa Mosque Compound.

This “Holy” site is claimed to have been the site of the original Temple of Solomon. Unfortunately for those claiming this there appears to be no evidence of an original Solomons Temple at the time that Solomon was alleged to have lived. The wall that is most commonly known to those of the Jewish faith as the “Wailing Wall” is said to be the remains of the protective wall for the Second Temple of Solomon, built during the reign of Herod The Great. Although some counter research claims that this is actually the remains of the old Roman Fort called Fort Antonia.

Regardless of the truth about the wall, the fact that so many hundreds of thousands of people have been slaughtered over these mythologies and stories is absurd and frankly tragic.

So it comes to pass, that in 2024 the genocide being openly committed by the Sabbatean Ultra Zionist stooge Benjamin Netanyahu (Benjamin Mileikowsky) is to further the bringing about of a “third” Temple of Solomon and the cults coming Messiah, at least in part.

According to the beliefs of Lurianic Kabbalah it is only when the Moon Goddess Shekhinah (ISIS/Semiriamis/Diana/Mary) is reunited with Yahweh (Satan, Yaldabaoth, Cronus) in the Holy of Hollies at the back of the Temple, that their mission will be complete and their plan for a “World To Come” will be set in motion. In fact some believe this to be a trap set for Yahweh to sedate him allowing the anti-christ to come in and take over as the King of Jerusalem.

Others believe that this so called King will be a Sangreal bloodline king coming from the Merovingian bloodline, this is where the British Royals step up to the plate according to some research.

On Earth As IN Heaven

When you trace the symbology of the Temple of Solomon back through the ages it appears that this mythical temple was supposed to be a representation of the journey or evolution of the soul, based on alchemical principles that perhaps trace their roots back through the Mayan’s and even to Lumeria.

As is the motive operandi of this age old death cult, they have taken something positive, twisted and distorted it into the material world, where they can harness the alchemical principles and control it. Solomons Temple was never supposed to be an actual physical building, it is an analogy for spiritual growth and the journey of the soul.

There is also no evidence that a King Solomon ever existed. The name Solomon can be broken down into parts, and deepening on who you talk to it could be three names meaning the ‘Sun’. In Latin the term ‘Sol’ means Sun, in Hindu they use the word ‘Om’ as the word for the Sun and the Greek city of the sun now called Heliopolis was once called ‘On’ in the original Biblical Hebrew.

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