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Microsoft Announces Feature That Saves a Screenshot of Your Computer Every Few Seconds. What Could Go Wrong?

Attempts to normalise ever more intrusive ‘SMART’ technologies have taken a concerning turn with Microsoft’s recent announcement of the Recall feature planned for its Copilot+ Windows 11 PC range. Whilst not marketed as a surveillance capability, a system which automatically takes a screenshot of the user’s activity every few seconds, and saves it as a permanent record, opens up worrying possibilities.

Microsoft’s argument for this capability is that it avoids people having to remember where they put a file, or which webpages they were viewing, and by scanning these stored images with machine learning algorithms, and by utilising the capabilities of Large Language Models, Recall can help users to ‘recall’ those things which most people can remember whilst relying solely on that hardware which resides inside their own skulls. The intention is that users can ask the AI running upon their computer a question using natural conversational language, and it can return to them an answer based upon, or including a record of, their earlier activity.

Formerly ‘surveillance’ was regarded as a ‘dirty word’ – to paraphrase General Melchett from Blackadder, it would perhaps belong somewhere close to ‘crevice’ – and Government agencies went to great lengths to reduce the impression of intrusiveness by describing some of their programmes as collecting ‘only’ metadata in an attempt to allay the concerns of the, rightly angry, public. But in the wake of the catastrophic over-reaction to Covid, surveillance, by which I mean surveillance of people not just surveillance as a term for the observing and reporting of new symptoms and conditions in a medical context, has been brought brazenly to the forefront. The culture of the West, or at the very least the impression of the West’s culture as perceived by Microsoft’s executives and marketers, has now reached the point where those executives feel emboldened enough to propose one of the most invasive forms of data collection imaginable, the constant recording of all your computer screen activity.

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