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Reform Overtakes Tories Among Over-55s

Reform U.K. has overtaken the Tories among over-55s, a new poll shows, as former Minister Nadine Dorries says the Conservative Party will “probably disappear” at the General Election. The Telegraph has more.

The Redfield and Wilton survey put Nigel Farage’s party on 19% of the vote among those in the 55-64 and 65-plus age brackets, up by a third on polling done last week before he became leader.

The poll of 2,000 adults put the Conservatives on 14% and 17% among the two respective age groups and is also the second in one day to show Reform within just two points of the Tories overall.

The survey, conducted on Wednesday and Thursday, put Mr. Farage’s party at 17% and the Tories on 19%, the same returns as a YouGov poll on Wednesday.

Reform is also now more popular than the Tories among all men, the poll found. 19% said they would vote Reform, compared to 18% for the Conservatives.

Nadine Dorries told the News Agents:

What we’re seeing right now is possibly the annihilation of the Conservative Party.

It’s probably going to disappear and, you know, certainly if Reform take over, given tactical voting which is taking place already in many constituencies and given the uprising in Reform’s votes and support since Nigel Farage decided he would stand as leader, I think you could see the disappearance of the Conservative Party.

George Osborne remarked that Rishi Sunak’s campaigning shows he fears for Tory heartlands:

If you look at where Rishi Sunak has actually been over the last couple of weeks, that is the clearest indication of where the Conservatives think the battleground is.

So first of all, he is hardly visiting any seats that are not held by the Conservatives, so he’s not even pretending there are going to be some Labour seats the Conservatives are going to be winning.

The former Chancellor added that the places Sunak has visited, including Harpenden in Hertfordshire and Macclesfield, Cheshire, “are traditionally safe, Conservative cities that I don’t think a Conservative leader would have visited in the general election in my lifetime”.

The polls are a bit all over the place, mind. A BMG Research poll for the i newspaper put Reform on 16% (up five from 11% last week), Labour’s down one on 42%, and the Conservatives down four on 23%. Survation meanwhile put Reform on 15% (up seven points from May 27th), Labour on 43% and the Conservatives on 23%. So who knows.

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