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Hilarious moment bailiff has to stop knocking on mother-of-two’s door chasing debt because his van is rolling away down the hill

This is the hilarious moment a bailiff has to stop knocking on a mother-of-two’s door because his own van starts to roll away down a hill.

Amy Johnson claims the debt collector is ‘too embarrassed’ to come back again after he visited on behalf of Yorkshire Water last October.

In footage recorded via her electronic doorbell, the Orbit Services employee’s van appears to be parked next to Ms Johnson’s house in Leeds but can be seen slowly drifting down the slope as he rings her doorbell.

The 32-year-old says that the road goes uphill on that side and she believes he must have forgotten to put the handbrake on.

The bailiff only notices his van beginning to pick up speed after Amy’s next door neighbour calls out to him to say ‘your van’s rolling away’.

Quickly dropping his tablet computer on the grass and exclaiming ‘oh s***’, the bailiff chases his van down the road and luckily manages to stop it just in time before it hits a house.

Amy said: ‘Right at the beginning he’s stroking the cat and he says ‘hello little pussy cat’.

‘I was obviously out, hence when I answered on the doorbell. I’m in debt with Yorkshire Water and that’s what they were coming to speak about.

‘I answered on the doorbell and then the next thing, I could see his van sort of rolling away.

‘I started laughing so I turned the microphone off so he couldn’t hear me laughing, that’s why it went completely silent on my end.

‘My neighbour has then opened her door and really casually said ‘your van’s rolling away.

‘He then pelts it. I was just watching it all on the doorbell.’

Amy says he hasn’t been back since as he’s probably ‘too embarrassed’ to show his face.

‘I think he’s probably a bit too embarrassed to come back. I’d be really embarrassed,’ she said.

The self-employed caterer admits the scene gave her the giggles but says she is glad no one was hurt and that it was a weekday – because the road is usually much busier at weekends.

Amy said: ‘He can’t have put the handbrake on. There’s also a slight little hill at the top of the house where he parked it.

‘There’s bushes and plants in between houses. That seemed to slow it right down. If they hadn’t been there, it probably would have hit the house. He got there just as it hit the bushes.

‘It was lucky it was a weekday and not a weekend as normally the street is full of kids playing out.’

Amy posted the video online with the caption: ‘Here’s a chuckle for you all [laughing emoji]. My neighbour told him about his van as I watched it all on the doorbell. This was October last year and he hasn’t been back [laughing emoji].’

One person wrote: ‘The more you watch it the funnier it gets [laughing emoji].’

Another said: ‘Omg cracking up [laughing emoji]’, while a third added: ‘I’m impressed he caught up with it before it hit anyway [clap emoji].’

A final put: ‘Did he say his name was Usain Bolt [laughing emoji].’

Yorkshire Water declined to comment as it was not their employee.

Orbit Services have also been contacted for a comment.

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