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5 Best Brands for Boxing Gloves


An iconic fight requires more than just good footwork and power punches. If you wish to throw those knockout blows, you need to make sure that you have the right gear by your side. Premier boxing gear not only delivers the right jab but also protects your hands from any possible damage. 

Are you a fan of good fights and looking to improve your boxing gear? If yes, check out these top 5 brands that have made their mark in the boxing gear industry. 

1- Everlast 

Everlast is undoubtedly the most celebrated boxing glove brand today. When thinking of premium boxing gloves, the first name to pop up in your head is Everlast. Like its name, it tends to leave an impact on its customers.

While Everlast is among the most commonly worn brands by professional fighters today, its classic red and black mitts make them iconic. Its classic leather gloves are a favourite among many notable fighters, including Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali. 

Both fighters witnessed numerous championships and exceptional victories in these gloves. Through these associations, Everlast boxing gloves have become synonymous with excellence and power.

2- Cleto Reyes

If you look into some of the biggest fights of the last two decades, you are highly unlikely to come across one that does not involve a pair of Celo Rytes. These gloves have been the go-to choice for many fighters in world championships, like Canelo Alvarez, Floyd Mayweather, and more. 

Celo Rytes gloves are known for their slim and lightweight profile, making them popular among punchers. This design allows for increased power and faster hand speed, ideal for fighters who prioritize knockout power.

3- Venum

Another brand that has been lighting the ring for many years is Venum. Venum is most popularly known for creating high-quality professional boxing gloves. Their reputation is bolstered by the numerous renowned fighters who choose Venum gloves.

Along with highly dependable boxing gloves, Venum is also known for its premier boxing gear, including apparel, headgear, focused mitts, and more. 

.4- Twins Special

Twins is another one of the iconic brands that are largely known due to their premium quality and exclusive boxing gloves. Their gloves are considered the best by many fighters in the world today. When it comes to attention to detail and premier glove quality, it is hard for any brand to compete with Twins. 

Twins gloves are not only known for their exceptional quality but also for their superior protection. This makes them a popular choice among fighters recovering from hand injuries or those seeking extra protection during training.

5- Bad Boy

As their name suggests, these boxing gloves are considered bad boys of the ring. Exclusively designed to deliver powerful jabs, they are highly regarded by fighters like Anthony Joshua and Regis Pogaris. 

If you’re looking for a boxing glove that is not only comfortable to wear but appealing to the eyes, these bad boys are a great choice. 

Final Words

If you’re on a quest to find the perfect boxing gear for your upcoming fight or training session, these top 5 brands are right for you. They can not only deliver a powerful jab but protect your hands from damage. Visit the Minotaur Fight Store today and explore the best options to find your missing piece. 

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