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Gaslighting extraordinaire: Scientists find shocking new health issue in young sports stars after Bronny James, Reggie Lewis suffer cardiac arrest

Elite athletes may be in top physical shape, able to sprint, lift and play at the highest level of their sport, but a shock study shows they are at higher risk of deadly cardiovascular complications.

There have been a string of high-profile heart scares among top athletes like Lebron James‘ basketball star son Bronny James at 18 years old and hall-of-famer Boston Celtics player Reggie Lewis.

Both suffered cardiac arrest while playing their sport, with the latter dying because of it at just 27 years old.

And just this week, Kansas City Chiefs player BJ Thompson experienced cardiac arrest after having a seizure. The team reports he was in stable condition following hospitalization.

Events like this come as a shock as people wonder how premier athletes suffer a medical event associated with poor diet, obesity and a multitude of other poor comorbidities.

And in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, some believed vaccines may have played a role, while others say the virus itself may be to blame.

But now, scientists believe they’ve discovered a potential explanation behind why people in the best shape of their lives are suffering from cardiac conditions: hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Presenting findings at the American College of Cardiology’s Care of the Athletic Heart conference, a researcher from the University of Los Angeles Medical Center found nearly half of athletes suffered from elevated blood pressure – with multi-sport athletes and basketball players most at risk.

Among the general population in the US, approximately 47 percent of people have high blood pressure.

But athletes much younger than the average hypertension patient are still suffering from the condition.

Author of the abstract Dr Aneeq Malik, medical director of the Saving Hearts Foundation, said: ‘Despite being perceived as a generally healthy population, young athletes are not immune to heart disease, including elevated blood pressure.’

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