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Biden mocked for ‘sitting on imaginary chair or pooping’ during D-Day ceremony

President Joe Biden was ridiculed for appearing to try to sit on an invisible chair – or popping – during a ceremony commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

Biden, 81, stood next to French President Emmanuel Macron and shook hands with him, before turning slightly to his left, looking down and lowering his left hand while squatting, as if trying to sit on a chair.

There were chairs set up for the Bidens and Macrons, but the American president stopped midway and did not actually sit down. Macron, First Lady Jill Biden and her counterpart remained standing.

Biden stayed in the bent knees position for a few seconds before getting up, as his wife put her hand over her mouth.

The awkward moment on Thursday caused ‘Pooping’ to trend on X (formerly Twitter) in the US, and ‘Pooped’ to trend in politics category.

It was not known if Biden’s wife was telling him something regarding his bizarre gesture.

The music stopped as Biden froze in the position, and it was announced through a loudspeaker that ‘distinguished guests’ should gather for US Defense Secretary Austin Lloyd’s remarks.

Biden stood up again, before taking a seat while other political figures did the same.

The recorded moment set off a high volume of chatter on X.

‘Pooping or sitting on an invisible chair?’ wrote conservative political commentator Dave Rubin.

Conservative comedian commentators the Hodgetwins wrote: ‘Biden just pooped his diaper.’

Another X user made up commentary for the first lady: ‘Stop it. Stop. What the hell are you doing?’

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