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We Should Have More Gender Categories, Says NHS Abuse Services Chief

The current number of gender categories in the NHS should be expanded, the Chairman of the National Clinical Network of Sexual Assault and Abuse Services at NHS England has suggested. The Telegraph has the story.

Dr. Binta Sultan made the comments in an online panel discussion this month hosted by UCL, titled ‘Intersectionality in Inclusion Health: Why Does Gender Matter?’ where she introduced herself as “a brown cisgender Muslim woman”.

Working at UCL’s Collaborative Centre for Inclusion Health (CCIH), Dr. Sultan is “a consultant physician in inclusion health at Uclh, the first in the NHS”. CCIH’s website describes “inclusion health” as a “social justice movement to prevent and address the harms of extreme inequality through research, service and policy”.

Panellists included Kate Luxion, a “non-binary” researcher at UCL who recently told the BBC that trans milk is just as good as breast milk.

During the event panellists advocated the idea of gender identity being recorded in public services as well as sex. Event chairman Serena Luchenski, a founding member of CCIH, asked Dr. Sultan: “As a clinician recording people’s gender in the data, do you think that’s a problem in your day job? Do you think there’s an excuse for the NHS not to be doing this?”

Dr. Sultan replies: “I don’t think it’s a problem to have more [gender] categories and ask people how they want to be identified, right? It’s not difficult. As a clinician it’s not a difficult thing and if someone chooses not to answer that’s fine as well, right?” …

Dr. Louise Irvine, GP and Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender co-chair, said: “The current problem is that people can change the sex on their medical records to align with their gender identity, making it impossible for clinicians to know their sex, and this is unsafe.

“Healthcare professionals don’t know if someone who is male or female on their records is actually male or female. The Cass review advocated for clarity about sex on medical records. Sex is binary and people cannot change sex. It is not ‘assigned at birth’ but is noted at birth or even before this. There needs to be clarity about sex in medical records.”

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