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Inject RNA to get rid of mRNA?

An article by Dr. Peter McCullough came out very recently about using a particular kind of RNA to counteract the mRNA of the Covid jabs*.

The idea as per the article, is to use small interfering RNA or siRNA and ribonuclease targeting chimeras (Ribotacs) to target, inactivate and degrade residual and persistent jab mRNA preventing uncontrolled spike protein production.

The paper the article refers to is highly technical but stepping back and looking at this from a perspective removed from technical details should ring alarm bells in everybody thinking about this critically.

The paper is based on assumptions and information from the pharmaceutical companies who supposedly made the Covid jabs and from the FDA. Therefore, it assumes that

a) there is a virus and
b) consequently there is a Spike protein the mRNA in the jab codes for. It also assumes
c) that all Covid jabs contain mRNA that is coding for Spike protein and
d) that this is the main cause of the adverse events. It further assumes
e) that siRNA and Ribotac are safe to use.

Let’s go through these assumptions:

a) There is no evidence a virus exists, see prior articles on this here:

b) Consequently, there is no evidence the Spike protein exists, see here:

c) Multiple Covid jab vials were examined in tests by Dr. Kevin W. McCairn PhD. Normal mRNA contains significant quantities of Nitrogen which forms Purines (A)denine, (G)uanine) & Pyrimadines (Uracil, Cytosine), which should be linked to a sugar-phosphate backbone. Both elements are part of DNA and mRNA. If these are not in the vials, it means there is no mRNA in the vial.

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