Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 June 2024

“Experts Are Working Hard To Make Insects Part of Your Diet”: New Study Recommends Hiding Insect “Flour” in Popular Foods

Experts are recommending hiding insect flour in popular food products, as it becomes clear that overcoming the “yuck factor” associated with insects is proving too much for Western consumers.

A paper presented at the recent European Congress on Obesity, in Venice, Italy, revealed that only 13% of UK adults indicated they were willing to consume insects on a regular basis, with 47% saying they would not do so under any circumstances.

The researchers found that perceptions about eating insects were generally negative, with participants anticipating lower levels of enjoyment and taste than other foods.

The researchers found, however, that incorporating insect “flour” into processed foods such as bread, pasta and pizza, could help overcome sensations of disgust associated with eating insect products.

Insect flour is already being added to products like energy bars and snack chips.

“The disgust factor associated with eating whole insects could be overcome by incorporating insect flours into processed foods. This has been done successfully with rice products fortified with cricket or locust flours in other parts of the world,” says co-author Dr. Maxine Sharps from De Montfort University in a media release.

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