Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 2 June 2024

Should We be Afraid? Is World War III Imminent?

It’s as if the Western global elite run amok…

I can only describe these actions as madness.

I’m not talking about Gaza; it’s just a clear indication of how maniacal and perverted this elite can be.

I’m talking about triggering a nuclear war.

This has now gone far beyond the propaganda made to scare the masses during the Cold War.

The war started against Russia over Ukraine is gradually drifting towards another channel with Moscow’s victory.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said yesterday (May 28, 2024) that the weapons supplied to Ukraine by allied countries should be able to be used to hit Russian territory.

Emmanuel Macron, who was blown from Rothschild’s banker to the President of France, said today (May 29, 2024) in front of journalists, with a map in his hand, that they should bomb Russia.

Josep Borrell, who was appointed as the EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner by the USA and famous with the quotation: “Europe is the garden of paradise and other countries are wild jungles”, said that EU members should not put the fear of escalation of tension ahead of Ukraine’s right to self-defense.

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski stated that Britain could play the closest possible role in defeating Russia’s imperial ambitions and that a long-term rearmament in this direction was necessary.

The Baltic dwarves were among the fastest in the Wild West against Russia.

Kaja Kallas, President of Estonia, a country with a population of one and a half million, said: “Russia needs to be brought to its knees!”

As a result, England, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, France, Czech Republic, Sweden and Estonia allowed Ukraine to hit targets inside Russia with NATO weapons and send troops.

The orchestra conductor of this Third World War Symphony is, of course, the Neocons and Zionists who rule the USA!

Putin responded to Stoltenberg and the Baltic dwarfs from Uzbekistan:

“Representatives of NATO countries and smaller countries, especially in Europe, should be aware of what they are playing with. They should not forget that they are generally countries with very high population density and small lands. They should take these factors into account before talking about launching attacks deep into Russian territory.”

This is serious this time…

It didn’t attract much media attention, but it was a very important event: the Biden administration (in coordination with the UK) used proxies in Ukraine (presumably with British storm shadow or German Taurus missiles that bypassed Russian defenses relatively well with different GPS systems) launched an unprecedented attack on Russia’s “nuclear umbrella” at the Armavir on Thursday, May 22, effectively blinding the Russian military’s radar system that detects nuclear-armed ballistic missiles.

According to Russian nuclear doctrine, any attack on Russia’s basic nuclear first alert system constitutes grounds for nuclear retaliation.

Moreover, at the time of this attack, the Russian Ministry of Defense started an exercise on the use of nuclear weapons in the country’s “Southern Military District” and Belarus.

In the statement made by the Ministry,

“On the instructions of the President of Russia and under the leadership of the General Staff, the first phase of the exercise on the preparation and use of non-strategic nuclear weapons has begun in the Southern Military District.”

The statement was included.

The attack was also made against Armavir in the southern region of Russia, that is, it was aimed at the coverage area of ​​the exercise.

This alone shows how out of control the elites in the West have become.

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