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They are STILL pushing the ‘Covid’ hoax – a ‘virus’ that does not exist, but was made to appear so by a fake test, fake death certificates, murder by Midazolam and Remdesivir, and the re-diagnosis of other illness as ‘Covid-19’ which is why flu disappeared WORLDWIDE when ‘Covid’ hysteria began How many other illnesses have these ‘Covid’ symptoms? I have had precisely the same effects this week and during ‘Covid’ I would have told to isolate, worry about my survival, and have multiple fake vaccines. Now I have a cold.

One in 20 people infected with mild Covid in the first wave of the pandemic were left with lingering symptoms up to three years later, research has suggested.

US scientists found respiratory and neurological issues were the common problems still reported by those struck down with the virus in 2020.

And the researchers, who tracked more than 135,000 Americans with Covid, also discovered a 34 per cent higher risk of problems with all organs among people hit hardest with Covid and hospitalised.

Experts today labelled the findings an ‘important new lesson’ and warned the virus ‘should not be trivialized’.

It comes as separate research also suggested Covid booster jabs are just 52 per cent effective at preventing infection after four weeks. By five months this stands at 20 per cent.

Dr Ziyad Al-Aly, a clinical epidemiologist at Washington University and senior author of the study said: ‘We aren’t sure why the virus’s effects linger for so long.


It comes as Covid cases continue to slowly increase across the UK , after infection rates dwindled over the spring. Earlier this month, health chiefs issued an alert over a new variant, nicknamed FLiRT, they had begun monitoring. It makes up around 30 per cent of new cases in the UK currently

‘Possibly it has to do with viral persistence, chronic inflammation, immune dysfunction or all the above.

‘We tend to think of infections as mostly short-term illnesses with health effects that manifest around the time of infection.

‘Our data challenges this notion. I feel Covid continues to teach us — and this is an important new lesson — that a brief, seemingly innocuous or benign encounter with the virus can still lead to health problems years later.’

He added: ‘Addressing this knowledge gap is critical to enhance our understanding of long Covid and will help inform care for people suffering from long Covid.’

US Government data suggests up to 10 per cent of people infected with virus have experienced long Covid.

Often self-diagnosed, the term was coined for a number of symptoms following Covid infection, which can persist for months or even years after the initial infection.

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