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Starmer’s ‘GB Energy’ Fantasy

Over the next few weeks of the election campaign, we’re going to be swamped with a veritable tsunami of blatant lies and empty promises by our would-be political leaders. Just one of these is Keir Starmer’s claim in the Labour Party manifesto that his new ‘GB Energy’ will lower people’s energy bills by providing cheap, clean energy:

The Labour Party will create Great British Energy, a new, publicly-owned clean energy company. We will harness Britain’s sun, wind and wave energy to save £93 billion for UK households.

This is, of course, complete nonsense, as intermittent and unreliable supposedly ‘renewable energy’, such as wind and solar, is much more expensive than cheap, reliable fossil fuel energy. For example, wholesale electricity prices are currently £65 per megawatt (MW) – about half from fossil fuels and the rest from renewables including wind, solar, hydro and nuclear. But we are paying £102/MW for fixed offshore wind, offering £246/MW to operators for floating offshore wind, £89/MW for onshore wind, and £85/MW for solar.

Being a lawyer rather than a mathematician, Keir Starmer doesn’t seem to have noticed that renewable energy costs of £102/MW for fixed offshore wind, £246/MW for floating offshore wind, £89/MW for onshore wind and £85/MW for solar are rather higher than the current wholesale energy cost of just £65/MW. Given that wind and solar are clearly more expensive than our current energy, you might be tempted to wonder how Starmer can claim that moving to more renewable energy like wind and solar will lower our energy bills? Here’s possibly one reason why Starmer and the herds of Net Zero fanatics keep insisting that renewables are cheaper than fossil fuels.

There’s a Government report titled ‘Electricity Generating Costs 2023’. It concludes that electricity produced by gas costs £114/MegaWatthour (MWh) while offshore wind only costs £44/MWh, onshore wind just £38/MWh and large-scale solar a mere £41/MWh.

So, according to our Government, it’s obvious that cheap, reliable gas is much more expensive than expensive, unreliable renewables, which need cheap, reliable gas as back-up for those times when the wind doesn’t blow and/or the sun doesn’t shine. Confused? You should be.

At the risk of boring you with more numbers, here’s how our Government manages to achieve this mathematical miracle of making cheap, reliable gas power look expensive, and making expensive, unreliable renewables look cheap.

The Government’s first trick is to load energy from gas power stations with a supposed ‘carbon cost’ of £60/MWh. This ‘carbon cost’ is some kind of calculation which takes account of the amount of CO2released when gas is burned to produce electricity. I’ve no idea where this supposed ‘carbon cost’ comes from or how it is calculated. But if we subtract it from the £114/MWh cost of gas energy production, that brings the production of energy from gas down to £54/MWh. That’s still above the Government’s claimed costs for wind and solar. That brings us to the Government’s next trick – hugely exaggerate the output from wind and possibly solar.

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