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Psychopathic lunatic Bill Gates “Invests Millions in ‘Climate Vaccines’ to Reduce Methane Emissions From Cows” when methane emissions from Bill Gates are the real problem

Bill Gates has long been a proponent of vaccines in general and more recently,  mRNA vaccine technology.

Now, he may have his sights set on developing a vaccine to combat climate change by targeting the methane emissions of livestock.

ArkeaBio, a Boston-based ag-biotech startup, recently raised $26.5 million in a Series A financing round to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions” via the development of a “methane vaccine,” the company announced in a May 8 press release.

Breakthrough Energy Ventures, founded by Gates and which first invested in ArkeaBio in 2022, led the financing round.

The company said:

“ArkeaBio’s vaccine will provide an innovative, cost-effective, and scalable solution to reduce the world’s livestock methane emissions, which currently generate the equivalent of 3 Billion Tonnes of CO2 annually and represent 6% of annual Greenhouse gas emissions.”

ArkeaBio claims its “vaccination-based approach allows for much-needed decarbonization of global meat and dairy products across multiple geographies, supporting greater sustainability in agriculture.”

Other investors in the recently completed financing round include The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, AgriZeroNZ — a “partnership between the New Zealand government and major agribusinesses” — Rabo Ventures, Overview Capital and The51 Food & AgTech Fund.

“The funds raised in this Series A financing will play a pivotal role in expanding the research, development and deployment of the vaccine, including large-scale field trials and engagement along the supply chain,” ArkeaBio said in its press release.

“Climate change is the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced,” said ArkeaBio CEO Colin South. “It is the race of our lives. This capital raise allows us to continue to create the tools necessary for farmers to achieve globally relevant reductions in livestock methane emissions.”

Critics of the project who spoke with The Defender disagreed, suggesting “climate change vaccines” are not feasible but will instead help international organizations such as the World Economic Forum, nonprofits like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Big Pharma attain more control over society.

Immunologist and biochemist Jessica Rose, Ph.D. told The Defender:

“The ‘climate’ is something that can be used against all people, no matter what, because we all breathe air and drink water. This is why it is a perfect ‘item of control’ being used to engineer panic. A new ‘deadly virus/vaccine’ campaign would be less effective in this way, following the colossal failure of the ‘COVID-19 measures.’

“To me, ‘climate change’ is a catchphrase to mask the damage being done to our environment by mass polluters.”

Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D., author of “The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty: Unraveling the Global Agenda,” said that “climate change vaccines” are part of a broader “false narrative.”

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