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NHS DEI programme is hugely costly and disruptive

At the time when the story of the NHS’ splurge on woke causes was revealed, Prof. Sikora said: “Every single penny should be put directly into the pockets of frontline staff. More medical professionals should be standing up to this lunacy, even if it results in some unpleasant insults.”

He is still trying to raise awareness of the irresponsible NHS spending.

On Tuesday Prof. Sikora tweeted: “Is the NHS underfunded when it’s spending £91,317 a year on an ‘Assistant Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion’? These roles exist all across the service. From my experience, they don’t just contribute nothing – they actively disrupt those doing actual medical work.”

He was referring to a tweet he had posted the day before sharing an image of a job advertisement.


He has of course been attacked for speaking against the narrative. Yesterday, he posted a tweet defending himself and again raising the “obscene diversity costs” within the NHS.

Attacked for Highlighting NHS’ Diversity Costs
The following is a tweet posted by Prof. Sikora yesterday.

I’ve been attacked by some for highlighting the obscene diversity costs within the NHS.

My view is clear – this self-sustaining, divisive industry needs to be scrapped, with every penny directed into the pockets of frontline staff.

When I was in charge of cancer services at Hammersmith Hospital, we treated all fairly and equally.

Every patient was cared for with the same attention, and staff were hired based on their ability to do the job rather than the colour of their skin. Is that so controversial now?

Meritocracy should rule.

Politicians will all claim they’re the ones to cut this waste, but it keeps growing and growing. What can actually be done to stop it? Some of the wages for these diversity roles are quite frankly insulting, not forgetting the vast associated cost and the huge disruption they bring for medical staff actually doing proper work.

The Conservatives will say they’re the ones to fix it – but who has been in power for 14 years? I am sceptical of new promises, at best.

Critics of the diversity industry within the health service are hounded and abused as heretics. Sadly, it works and countless individuals within the NHS remain silent. The intimidation tactics are effective.

In this election, we need an honest conversation about how the NHS is spending our money, because in many cases – it is not spent well.

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What Does UK Law Say
Replying to Prof. Sikora’s tweet, a Twitter user pointed out that the problem lies in complying with the Equality Act 2010 (“the Act”). The Act compels NHS Trusts to take part in and promote diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) activities, the Twitter user said. However, according to what the UK government has published this is not the case.

Within the Act is the Public Sector Equality Duty (“PSED”), which came into force on 5 April 2011, is a statutory duty that applies to public authorities and organisations carrying out public functions including:

Central government departments
Local authorities
Police forces
NHS trusts
Private companies providing public services
A section of the Act deals with the general duty of PSED while specific duties are found in The Equality Act 2010 (Specific Duties and Public Authorities) Regulations 2017. The specific duties are devolved in Scotland and Wales.

In the PSED guidance for public authorities under the heading ‘What is the Duty?’, the Government explains: “It is important to note here that the duty to have due regard to the need to advance equality of opportunity is not a duty to put in place positive action measures … The duty is not a positive action programme and the use of positive action is voluntary.”

Further information on positive action is provided in the Equality Hub’s guidance on positive action in the workplace. The guidance on positive action states:

This guidance explains how employers who choose to use positive action can help people who share a particular protected characteristic to overcome certain barriers under the measures. However, employers need to ensure they do this in a way which does not unfairly disadvantage other groups as this could amount to ‘positive discrimination’, which is unlawful.

Positive action in the workplace: guidance for employers, UK Government, 17 April 2023
NHS’ “positive action” – woke activism – is preparing the public and psychologically manipulating minds to accept positive discrimination. Not only will this woke discrimination influence who the NHS will hire but it will also have repercussions on and influence how patients are treated. The NHS should take heed because positive discrimination is unlawful as the UK government states.

Positive discrimination is not only unlawful in the UK. Last year, we published an article about the diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) ideology losing momentum in the USA due to pushback in the courts because it uses positive discrimination, also known as affirmative action.

We also published an article demonstrating that the misconceived DEI practice is very much alive and well among World Economic Forum (“WEF”) supporters.

Very few of us are unfamiliar with DEI, particularly the “equity” and “inclusion” aspects which are brandished about as mantras by both the United Nations and World Economic Forum, as well as various non-profit organisations, activist groups and government officials.

As one of the three aims of DEI, it’s important to understand what “equity” actually is. Because it is used as the justification for numerous causes by numerous groups, it is perhaps easier to describe what it isn’t – what it isn’t is equality.

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