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Climate change cultists want the UN to include reducing meat consumption in its plans to combat world hunger

The United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (“FAO”) has published an agri-food road map to combat hunger and climate change. But it has drawn criticism from some for not going far enough. 

Some want the FAO to state in its plans that high-income countries should reduce meat consumption or increase the use of “alternative” proteins.

A few days ago we published an article about how the climate change cult, led by FOA was impacting beef farming in Northern Ireland. Slaughtering cows at a younger will reduce the carbon emissions they are responsible for, or so climate change alarmists claim.

The reality is, by slaughtering cows at a younger age and governments paying farmers to do so, the climate change cultists are simultaneously:

  • reducing the amount of beef on the market (as younger cows have less meat) and so potentially causing the price of beef to rise (effectively, the consumer pays twice – once through government subsidies and a second time through high beef prices);
  • making farmers dependent on government handouts (which can be withdrawn at a future date); and,
  • expanding a government-controlled agriculture system.

Where is the Northern Irish government getting the idea to use cows and climate change as an excuse for reducing and taking control of the food supply?  The United Nations.

On 10 December 2023, FAO published a roadmap of its multi-year plan to achieve its “global commitment to transform agrifood systems.” The roadmap is FAO’s “three-year journey encapsulated in the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP) 28, COP 29 and COP 30.”

To eliminate chronic hunger, FAO aims to cut greenhouse gases by targeting livestock farming, which it has demonised as “responsible directly for 26 per cent of agri-food system [greenhouse gas] emissions.”

It’s balderdash of course but, predictably, climate change cultists want to go further.  That is how it is with dictators – give them an inch and they take a mile.

Yesterday, Globalist media outlet Devex publicised that critics have questioned the FAO report’s “thoroughness and omission of recommendations to reduce meat consumption.”

In the same newsletter dated 31 May, Devex highlighted “transforming food systems with data-driven solutions.”  This is technocracy where data – not experience, knowledge or skills – provides the foundation for decision-making.  The use of physicist Neil Ferguson’s data modelling at the beginning of the covid era – one of the greatest scientific “failures” of modern human history –  proves the specious reliance on data for decision-making.  But technocrats are not going to let glitches such as the dishonest manipulation and use of data get in their way.

The following is a reproduction of the two sections mentioned above from Devex’s newsletter (emphases theirs) to indicate how far these cultists are willing to go.  Trust us, they are only just getting started.

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