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Von der Leyen thinks citizens of EU countries should be vaccinated against wrongthink

Speaking at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit earlier this month, President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen suggested the audience think of information manipulation as a virus and then said it’s better to vaccinate than treat the infection.

At the Copenhagen Democracy Summit, von der Leyen pontificated that “research has shown that pre-bunking is more successful than de-bunking. Pre-bunking is the opposite of de-bunking. In short, prevention is preferable to cure.”

Pre-bunking is an approach based on the psychological theory of “inoculation,” which suggests that exposing people to weakened doses of misinformation can help them develop “mental antibodies” against false news.

An example of how pre-bunking might be applied is the use of tools such as free online games.  In 2020, UK researchers published the results of several studies they had conducted using an “online misinformation game” called ‘Bad News’. For your and your children’s sake, we encourage you to read about the ‘Bad News’ psychological experiments HERE.  Also, browse through THIS website to get an indication of how they are trying to gain acceptance of and normalise the use of inoculation theory on populations under the guise of combatting “misinformation.”

The obvious problem with games such as ‘Bad News’ is we cannot know what subliminal messages will be implanted into our subconscious minds while playing them.  At what point do such games constitute psychological, behavioural, thought or mind control?  The use of coercive and intrusive strategies to psychologically manipulate or brainwash people doesn’t seem to concern von der Leyen, on the contrary, she seems enthusiastic about the idea.

“Think of information manipulation as a virus,” she said. “Instead of treating an infection once it has taken hold, that’s the de-bunking, it is better to vaccinate so that our body is inoculated. Pre-bunking is the same approach. Because disinformation relies on people passing it on to others – it is essential that people know what malign information’s influence is and what the techniques look like.”

You can watch von der Leyen’s full speech below.  We have embedded the video to begin with her fallacious remarks above. You can read a transcript of von der Leyen’s speech HERE.

Little does von der Leyen realise but most of us know what influence malign information can have and we don’t need their computer games to train us to detect it.  There are millions of people dead and millions more injured from state-sanctioned malign information about covid and its “vaccine.”  Added to that are the non-pharmaceutical interventions imposed by governments in response to covid that have caused untold harm to physical and mental health, relationships, education, incomes and economies.

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