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One of Slovenia’s Last Conservative Media Hold-Outs Raided by Police

In the most blatant example to date of the leftist Slovenian government’s media purge, authorities raided the offices of conservative outlet Nova24TV, the media channel reported on Wednesday, May 29th. The home and car of the channel’s director Boris Tomašič, a long-time government critic, were also searched, and his laptop and phone were confiscated.

Appearing on a talk show immediately after the raids, Tomašič explained that the raids had been carried out simply to obstruct the channel’s work and intimidate its staff before the upcoming European elections.

The raids were carried out just ten days before the EU elections. “Coincidence? Certainly not,” Tomašič wrote on X.

“They came to intimidate us. You won’t succeed. We are not afraid of you. We will continue our work,” Tomašič said. Neither he nor any other employee of Nova24TV are suspects in the investigation, he stated.

Tomašič said the commission that ordered the raid—originally created to investigate political party financing—has been weaponized against the opposition and the last few independent media outlets in the country.

In fact, the investigation was ordered by Judge Mojca Kocjančič who is notorious, according to Nova24TV, for previously harassing conservatives. She is also infamous for protecting leftist politicians in corruption scandals.

As far back as 2010, Judge Kocjančič—and her husband, then-Minister of Justice, Aleš Zalar—has been condemned by Slovenia’s Association of Journalists and Commentators (ZNP), in its “Annual Report on Freedom of the Press,” for the unjust criminal prosecution of journalists critical of the judge.

As the news of the raid broke, former prime minister Janez Janša, leader of the conservative opposition Slovenian Democratic Party (SDS), immediately took to X to blast the leaders of the EU institutions, including Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Parliament President Roberta Metsola, Council President Charles Michel, and commissioners Vera Jourova and Didier Reynders.

“Is this the rule of law in the middle of the EU?” Janša asked them.

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