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Australian Health Minister urges countries to find a way for WHO’s Pandemic Treaty to progress

Australian Health Minister Mark Butler addressed the 77th World Health Assembly (“WHA”) and called for an urgent road map to finalise WHO’s Pandemic Treaty.

These efforts follow the failure of the International Negotiating Body to reach an agreement on the proposed text.

To show his determination and commitment to the cause, Butler called for the “binding” Treaty to be resurrected and progressed as fast as possible not in just one speech at the WHA, but in two.

Please note: WHO was due to present two new texts for adoption at the WHA being held in Geneva, Switzerland, this week:  Amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”); and, the Pandemic Treaty, which has also been referred to as the Pandemic AccordPandemic Agreement and WHO Convention Agreement + (“WHO CA+”). The Pandemic Treaty is gone and the IHR amendments although they will be presented to the WHA for adoption, have been all but neutralised.

Australia calls for urgent roadmap to finalise “binding” WHO pandemic treaty

By Rebekah Barnett

Last week it was reported that plans to adopt an international pandemic treaty had stalled, as countries failed to reach an agreement on the final draft before the 77th World Health Assembly (“WHA”), which started in Geneva on Monday.

Australian Health Minister Mark Butler is not taking the news lying down.

In two addresses at the WHA in Geneva this week, Butler called for the “binding” World Health Organisation (WHO) treaty to be progressed as fast as possible, committing Australia to it in principle.

Speaking on behalf of Australia in the second plenary meeting at the WHA on Monday, Butler told those present:

(With thanks to Michael Arbon for transcribing and clipping up the video of Butler’s address, below. [You can find the original on WHO’s website HERE by scrolling down and selecting ‘WHA – Plenary, Second Plenary Meeting 27/05/2024’.  Bulter’s speech begins at timestamp 2:47:50.])

In the ‘Committee A’ session the following day, Butler reiterated Australia’s commitment to the “binding” treaty, stating that countries were continuing to work on iterations of the draft agreement while the WHA is in progress, with a view to voting on next steps before the culmination of the Assembly on 1 June.

Butler went on:

Australia worked with a cross-regional group over the weekend and yesterday to table a draft decision reflecting the available options to finalise the agreement.

Based on legal counsel’s advice, the choices for this Assembly are essentially to continue negotiations through the INB [Intergovernmental Negotiating Body] or through another body, then to request the outcome be submitted to this 77th session at a resumed meeting, to a special session or to a future regular session.

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