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Global use of the death penalty rises to the highest level since 2015 as Iran goes on a killing spree and China continues to execute prisoners ‘in their thousands’, Amnesty says

The number of state-ordered executions recorded worldwide last year jumped to the highest level since 2015, with spikes in Iran and across the Middle East, Amnesty International said in a new report.

As many as 1,153 executions were recorded globally in 2023, up 30 per cent from 2022, despite a trend towards countries abandoning the death penalty in practice.

Amnesty said the figure does not include thousands of death sentences believed to have been carried out in China, where data is not available due to state secrecy.

The human rights group said the spike in recorded executions was primarily driven by Iran, where authorities in the hard-line Islamic nation executed at least 853 people last year, compared with 576 in 2022.

Amnesty has closely followed the terrifying crackdown on human rights nationwide, with dissenters increasingly put to death under ill-defined charges of ‘corruption on earth’, the rights groups said.

Executions in Yemen, in the throes of a devastating civil war, increased nearly fourfold in the same period, as executions in Saudi Arabia decreased marginally from the historic highs recorded in recent years.

In Iran, where criminals may still be publicly hanged for their offences, yearly recorded executions continued to climb in 2023, per Amnesty’s tally.

State-sanctioned executions have continued to climb in recent years, 2022 seeing a staggering 83 per cent increase on 2021’s figures.

Iran alone accounted for 74 per cent of the global total, followed by Saudia Arabia.

This comes amid a period of unrest within Iran driven in part by resentment over the Islamic Republic’s repression of the civilian population, surging since the death of Iranian woman Mahsa Amini in police custody in September 2022.

‘The Iranian authorities showed complete disregard for human life and ramped up executions for drug-related offences, further highlighting the discriminatory impact of the death penalty on Iran’s most marginalised and impoverished communities,’ Agnes Callamard, Amnesty’s secretary general, said in a statement.

Those executed included 24 women and five people who were children at the time the crimes were committed, Amnesty said, adding that the practice disproportionately affected Iran’s Baluch minority.

While most were hanged for drug-related offences, 38 were put to death for ‘corruption on earth’ – a vaguely-worded charge that has been repeatedly used to convict dissenters since the start of nationwide protests over the mandatory headscarf rule in October 2022.

Iran executed eight men in cases related to those protests but rights groups argue that the surge in hangings on all charges is aimed at instilling fear in the wider population.

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