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Climate change cult targets livestock; Northern Ireland slaughters cows at a younger age to comply

The Beef Carbon Reduction Scheme is a new payment support scheme for beef farmers in Northern Ireland. The scheme aims to reduce the maximum age at slaughter of beef cows over a four-year implementation period to “reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

This scheme has been dictated down by the United Nations which is targeting livestock farming to eliminate chronic hunger.

Northern Ireland’s Beef Carbon Reduction Scheme (the Scheme”) was introduced by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (“DAERA”) and opened on 1 January 2024.  It will run for four years.

“It has been designed to improve the efficiency of the beef sector and reduce livestock greenhouse gas emissions, thereby contributing to meeting the Climate Change Act (Northern Ireland) 2022 targets,” DAERA states.

The Climate Change Act is legislation that aims to tackle “climate change” by reducing greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions.  It sets a target of 100% reduction in net zero GHG emissions by 2050, along with interim targets including at least 48% reduction in net emissions by 2030.

As reported by Farming UK, Agriculture Minister Andrew Muir said the opening of the Scheme was a significant milestone in supporting the industry toward greater environmental sustainability. Farming UKwent on to quote Muir:

The age of slaughter is due to fall from 30 months now, in year one, to 26 months in 2027. The reduction in the age of slaughter is according to a 2020 proposal made by the National Beef Association (“NBA”), the main lobbying organisation for the British beef industry.

According to the NBA the longer a cow lives, the more carbon emissions they are responsible for.  So, in 2020, the NBA proposed “a solution to this problem”: kill cows when they are younger – at 27 months instead of the current 30 months typical in the UK – and put a carbon tax on older animals.

Payment rates to Northern Irish farmers under the Scheme had a phased introduction from January – March 2024. The payment rate in January 2024 was £20 per eligible animal, in February 2024, £40 and in March 2024, £60. Since April 2024 onwards the payment rate has been £75 per eligible animal.

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