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Las Vegas ‘alien’ video showing ‘eight-foot-tall creatures in cloaks’ creeping around yard is ‘real and authentic,’ says expert

An expert has come to the defense of a Las Vegas family who claim they came face to face with eight-foot-tall aliens.

The Kenmores have insisted for over a year that two gangly, green-gray creaturescrash-landed on their property last summer.

They now have the backing of Scott Roder, a veteran in the field of crime scene reconstruction who has worked on high-profile cases like the Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

‘It’s there. It’s absolutely there,’ Roder said during an appearance on the Extraterrestrial Reality Podcast with host Jim Quirk.

He was speaking about footage captured by Angel Kenmore that was purported to show the otherworldly visitors in the hours between April 30 and May 1, 2023.

‘At this particular time, with what we’ve seen here, is proof of a couple of things,’ Roder said. ‘That these entities… are real. They’re there. This is not fake. This is not a fraud.’

In addition to singling out what he believes to be a ‘creature,’ Roder pointed to 30 frames of video showing a ‘head’ surrounded by ‘smoke,’ which he described as ‘some sort of cloaking device,’ peeking over the fence.

During an appearance on NewsNation’s ‘Banfield’ earlier this month, Roder insisted that the footage was genuine.

‘We tried to debunk it to see if there was something that was added to the video. All of our results came back as it was authentic,’ he said.

Roder used motion tracking software to locate what he described as the head of one of the creatures.

‘We believe it’s attached to a body,’ he explained. ‘And the motion of that head from right to left is consistent with the motion that we see between the slats of the fence.’

Angel Kenmore, who captured the infamous video, has sat for numerous interviews since speaking out about what he saw.

In April, he detailed paranormal happenings inside the family home, including Bible pages turning on their own and a cross floating upside down.

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