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Anyone asking WHY we need humanoid robots when we have 8 billion people? Ahhh, to control the 8 billion (or how many are left). Gotcha. The world is administered by idiots controlled by psychopaths

The chipmaker Nvidia has extended its lead in artificial intelligence with the unveiling of a new “superchip”, a quantum computing service, and a new suite of tools to help develop the ultimate sci-fi dream: general purpose humanoid robotics. Here we look at what the company is doing and what it might mean.

The main announcement of the company’s annual develop conference on Monday was the “Blackwell” series of AI chips, used to power the fantastically expensive datacentres that train frontier AI models such as the latest generations of GPT, Claude and Gemini. One, the Blackwell B200, is a fairly straightforward upgrade over the company’s pre-existing H100 AI chip. Training a massive AI model, the size of GPT-4, would currently take about 8,000 H100 chips, and 15 megawatts of power, Nvidia said – enough to power about 30,000 typical British homes.

With the company’s new chips, the same training run would take just 2,000 B200s, and 4MW of power. That could lead to a reduction in electricity use by the AI industry, or it could lead to the same electricity being used to power much larger AI models in the near future.

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