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The ‘Experts’ Are Still Pushing Mandates

We’re in the middle of 2024, and the ‘experts’ still won’t give up their ridiculous defence of Covid mandates.

By now, the evidence against the effectiveness of Covid policies and so-called ‘interventions’ is overwhelming. Mask mandates were a spectacular failure, with the most heavily masked populations often seeing worse results than cities, counties or countries with little to no masking.

Vaccine mandates and passports were an unmitigated disaster; coercion created mistrust, and resistance and in some cases may have led to unnecessary, damaging side effects.

School closures, as we have clearly learned, were a tremendous, world-changing disaster. And it was made all the more frustrating by the fact that we had examples across the globe showing that they weren’t needed.

None of that’s stopped those committed to maintaining the fantasy of Covid mandates from desperately seeking to validate their belief system. And that desperation just led to one of their most absurd claims yet.

Covid Social Distancing and Vaccines Saved 800,000 Lives, Don’t Ya Know?

Two researchers from formerly reputable institutions, the University of Colorado, Boulder and the University of California, Los Angeles, just recently published a paper claiming to have cracked the fantastical code on just how effective the social distancing, lockdowns, mask mandates and Covid vaccines were at saving lives during the pandemic.

And what do you know? They found that the policies they supported were tremendous, highly successful interventions! Who would have ever guessed?

According to the headline, they claim that: ‘Mitigating behaviour and vaccines saved around 800,000 American lives.’

How did they arrive at this awe-inspiring conclusion? With a model, of course!

Mechanism: Around 68% of Americans got vaccinated before first infection
First Covid infection much less dangerous after vaccination

Back of the envelope estimate of lives saved
Full structural model of epidemic with behaviour and vaccines

This is what we’re dealing with here; a model based on a “back-of-the-envelope” estimate of lives saved, with their esteemed educated guess as to how many Americans were vaccinated before becoming infected.

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